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5 Questions You Should Answer Before Designing Your Health Website

January 2, 2019

As a health + wellness pro I know you have a ton on your plate. And, If you’re going at this whole running a business thing alone its difficult to know if you’re doing things in the right order. This may surprise you but when it comes to design, a website shouldn’t be the top priority. Your brand and business strategy should come first. Now, you can work on your brand and website design at the same time but, generally, branding will come first and then website design. I’m here for you if you need help with branding, strategy, and/or website design. Whether you’re considering working with a designer on your website or going the DIY route, you’ll want to... View Article

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Should You Use a Pre-Made Theme or Work With a Designer on Your Wellness Website?

December 19, 2018

Should you use a pre-made theme or work with a designer on your wellness website? I seriously get this question all the time. And, I completely understand why! There are so many gorgeous pre-made themes out there and talented website designers too. Many of my clients are a little unsure if they need a custom website or if they should save some money and DIY it with a pre-made WordPress theme. It can also be a little confusing when every designer has a different process to make sure that you find the right fit for a custom build. I think it’s important to see what’s out there and choose a designer that specializes in your niche. Although I can’t make... View Article

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How to Have a Website that Streamlines Your Health Coaching Business

November 28, 2018

We all know that automation and scheduling are key when you’re running a solo or small business. When you’re juggling #allthethings you need all the time you can get. I totally understand! While we don’t typically think of our websites as organizational productivity machines, the truth is that they can be a pretty big time-suck if they aren’t set-up correctly. In this post, I’m going to share a few of my favorite tips to help you prevent repeat questions, organize your intake process, package your services, and have a more streamlined website overall. So let’s get started! First up… Create a Smart Intake Form On-boarding prospects and converting them into clients can take up a ton of time. But it... View Article

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My Mindset Morning Routine for Running a Successful Wellness Business

November 6, 2018

These posts are so much fun! I love sharing my morning routines with you. I like to change up my morning quarterly or at least every 6 months or so, just to keep things interesting. But, I’ve found a really good rhythm that I’ve been sticking with recently. I also want to mention that this routine is just what works for me, right now. Everyone has different priories and free time in the morning, so don’t feel like you need to follow this particular routine to a T. I really believe in starting your day off in a way that brings you happiness and set you up for success from the start. I like to follow this routine every workday... View Article

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3 Steps to Skyrocket Your Email List Growth as a Health + Wellness Expert

October 24, 2018

Growing an email list can seem very intimidating. Plus how do you get the right people to join your list? I mean, you don’t want everyone to join…just your ideal client. Right? The truth is, that it’s really easy to grow your list once you create something of value for your ideal client. It just takes a little strategy, market research, and an awesome email service provider. (I use and recommend ConvertKit, more on that later…) Today I’m sharing my 3-step system to skyrocket your email list growth as a health + wellness expert. So, let’s jump right in! Step 1: Create a Freebie An opt-in incentive or freebie will always perform better than a simple form that says something... View Article

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