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The 5 Pillars of Social Media for Your Wellness Business with Andréa Jones

July 15, 2021

About the Episode: The 5 Pillars of Social Media for Your Wellness Business with Andréa Jones

This week on the Go-To Wellness Pro podcast I’m chatting with special guest Andréa Jones all about social media strategy. Andréa covers five pillars to start when building a social media strategy for your practice to grow a robust and trusting community.

Andréa Jones is fiercely committed to empowering businesses to utilize the power of social media in a positive and impactful way, without being overwhelmed and drained by it.

With over 7 years experience in the game, Andréa hosts the acclaimed podcast Savvy Social Podcast, leads a team providing done-for-you service inside of her marketing agency that was named a Top Digital Marketing Agency in 2021, and serves over 200 students in her membership Savvy Social School

I absolutely loved talking with Andréa about all things social media strategy! We cover multiple platforms, both ads and organic social growth, and so much more. You definitely won’t want to miss this episode if you are looking to see growth on social media.

In episode 55: The 5 Pillars of social media for your wellness business, we cover…
  • Why having a social media strategy is important and how to get started. 
  • How to set intentions, boundaries, and parameters around your social media strategy. 
  • How to create content that connects with your ideal client using the before/after method. 
  • Why networking and connecting are key to building organic connections. Plus, how to grow with ads!
  • How to use your metrics and analytics to give your audience what they want to see. 
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