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The Go-To Wellness Pro Podcast

A podcast for business owners in health & wellness who want business, design, and tech tips. Tune in to our Go-To Wellness Pro Podcast to learn how to grow a thriving and profitable health business online. 

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How to build connection & trust on your health & fitness website to earn more income. Your future clients don’t build connections and trust with faceless brands. Especially when we are talking about the very specific niche of health & wellness…which we are on this podcast.  Whether you are a personal trainer, health practitioner, dietician, […]

August 10, 2022


Welcome Back to Season 2 of the Go-To Wellness Pro Podcast

July 13, 2022

Welcome back to Season 2 of the Go-To Wellness Pro Podcast! I’m so excited to share more details in this episode about what I’ve been up to over here at Jules Design, where the podcast went, and what to expect from Season 2 of the Go-To Wellness Pro Podcast. Just to recap, or in case […]

How to Get Started with a Marketing Plan for Your Health Business

December 16, 2021

I’m going to be taking a short break for the next few weeks from the podcast to enjoy the holidays with family and friends. And I’m sure you will be taking some time off as well so I wanted to share this business-building episode with you before the holiday craziness really sets in. My goal […]

5 Ways to Refresh the Messaging on Your Health and Wellness Website

December 9, 2021

About the Episode: 5 Ways to Refresh the Messaging on Your Health and Wellness Website. This week on the Go-To Wellness Pro podcast I’m chatting with Ylani Salcedo who is a copywriter for wellness & conscious brands who has 10 years of experience. She inspires others to move forward through copywriting services, content, and periodic […]