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How to Craft a Striking Brand as a Wellness Entrepreneur

May 16, 2018

Creating a brand identity that stands out from the competition is hard work. But, I’ve got you! Today, I’m going to cover 5 of my favorite tips and tricks to help you, wellness entrepreneur, to craft a striking brand identity. These tips and tricks all boil down to establishing quality visuals and executing your brand values. I’ll show you exactly how to improve your brand identity no matter what part of the wellness world you come from. Whether you’re a coach, nutrition expert, fitness enthusiast, or product based holistic business, I’ve got something for you. And, make sure to read to the end because I have a got a freebie to keep your branding consistent. Let’s get started!   Develop... View Article

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7 Ways to Spring Clean Your Website

May 2, 2018

Has your website been running slower than usual? First things first, go take a speed test to see how your website stacks up. If your score isn’t great, talk to your hosting company to see if they can do anything to speed up your site. You could be on the wrong hosting plan or they can install a CDN to speed things up. The good news is that there are things you can do to clean the junk out of your website and ensure that it runs smoothly moving forward. In this post, I’ll be pushing beyond just installing a simple caching plugin to increase your site speed. Although, you should do that if you haven’t already. Here’s one I... View Article

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5 Ways to Build Trust on Your Website

April 18, 2018

The online world can be a pretty scary place. We’ve all heard those unfortunate stories about people being scammed online, purchasing products that were falsely advertised, and service providers that ghosted halfway through a project. Absolutely horrible! People need to know that you’re a trustworthy person for your business to be successful. It plays an essential role in whether people buy from you or not. It might seem like a challenge to exude know, like and trust on your website but it really comes down to 5 things. Keep reading to find out my top 5 ways to build trust on your website.   Look the part Think of your website as a digital storefront. If it looked shabby or... View Article

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8 Ways to Instantly Boost Your Mood While You Work

April 4, 2018

Being a solopreneur can get stressful. After all, you’re in charge of everything with little to no help from others. But, it doesn’t have to be so hard! Incorporating little breaks and opportunities for self-care throughout your day can make a big impact on your overall mood. I used to be a pretty stressed out lady boss until I started making some intentional changes to my routine. These things have all helped, in their own little way, to keep stress at bay and productivity high. Keep reading to find out the 8 ways that you can improve your mood at work.   Get outside Getting out into nature is an amazing way to instantly boost your mood. Try taking a... View Article

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How to Create Blog Posts That Attract Your Ideal Audience

March 28, 2018

Content marketing has the potential to be an extremely successful strategy. Blogging regularly is the cornerstone of my marketing strategy and has had a big impact on my websites overall traffic. But, if you’re anything like me sometimes writing blog posts doesn’t come easily. It’s a very time-consuming process and definitely takes a lot of brainstorming and thought to create. I mean think about it. You have to brainstorm blog posts, write drafts, edit them, format and schedule them in WordPress, and create graphics to up their exposure. That’s a lot of work! Because blogging is such a time-consuming process, you need to make sure that you’re getting as much as you can from each blog post that you create. Don’t... View Article

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