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You'll stand out online with a brand & website that connects with your health and wellness clients. 

The Wellness Website Method

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Hi, I'm Julie

But when you're looking at your doesn't feel like you. You're not confident in your online presence and feel a little lost when it comes to making design decisions. 

I bet you want to earn more income, increase your impact online and grow your business. But your website isn't set up to reach your goals and it's not connecting with your ideal client and converting them to leads...leaving money on the table. 

And you're so over DIY'ing your brand & website. You want to save time, so you can work on growing your business and serving your clients.

Website Design for Health Pros

Meet My Signature Brand & Website Design Service for Health Pros

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Look amazing online
Free up your time
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When We work together, you'll...

YOU’RE making a Life-CHANGING impact on your clients & DESERVE A site THAT REFLECTS THAT!

The Wellness Website Method

The design PRocess

Step One

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Creative Strategy

First, we will get crystal clear on who your ideal client is so that we can craft copy that converts them to buyers. I'll get an understanding of your big-picture goals so that your website is set-up to reach and support them. This means that visitors will stick around longer and take the actions you want them to take.

Step One

Step two

Step three

Messaging & Marketing

Messaging is just as important as design. I'll help you craft copy that connects with your ideal client to increase leads and sales. We'll also cover marketing strategies like email list growth, content creation, and SEO to get more traffic over to your website. Then you can convert those visitors to leads by implementing the sales strategy you'll create. 

Step One

Step two

Step three

Design & Development

Finally, I'll create a beautiful website design that works to attract your ideal client and is strategically built to reach your business goals. Your site will effortlessly bring in new prospects while also seamlessly representing your brand and business. I'll show you how simple it is to maintain and edit your website so that you feel totally in control.

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in your website?

I cannot wait to help you grow your health and wellness business and increase your impact online with a website that is set up to reach your goals and book more clients.

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A Holistic Website
Design Experience

Services FOR WELLNESS pros & CONSCIOUS Biz Owners

Meaning it's all-inclusive so you have a website that is set-up to help you meet your business goals from the ground up.

Brand & Website

Full Branding package with art direction, primary & secondary logos, custom brand elements and patterns. Plus, all deliverables outlined in the website design package.

Both, please!

Website Design

Drive clients with a fully custom online presence on Showit or WordPress. A desktop and mobile website will be custom-created, just for you. You’ll also learn how to edit your site.

Yes, this one!

Think of me as your go-to designer where the Wellness Website Method is the intro to working with me. I'm here to help with anything you need now or in the future as your business grows. 

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Marketing or Print Design
Packaging Design 
Membership Buildout
eCommerce Shop

“I love my website! It’s so pretty and really represents the feel I was going for. Julie made the entire website design process easy & was very approachable.”

Samantha Gladish, Health Coach

Client wins

“My brand & website feel like me! Soon after launching I booked two new clients who found me via my new website. This happened much quicker than I expected!”

Monica Hunsaker, Personal Trainer

Client wins

"I love my website! The big difference is Julie gets you to think deeply about what story you want to tell with your website to reach your ideal client. I'm not very techy & Julie took care of all that for me. No question was too dumb!"

Lisa Harvey, Fitness Coach

Client wins

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The Process

If you're ready to move forward you'll receive a contract, client homework, and an invite to a project management system so we can stay on track.

We'll kick off with a strategy call and I'll help you with messaging and marketing. Each project follows our signature design method to bring your biz goals to life!

Launch Day

Cheers! We'll handle all of the tech details to seamlessly launch your website. On our website training call you'll learn how to edit & maintain your website with ease.

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