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How to Sell With Ease and Build a Sustainable Business

September 29, 2021

About the Episode: How to sell with ease and build a sustainable buisness as a health and wellness professional.

This week on the Go-To Wellness Pro podcast I’m chatting with guest, Michelle Hartzman all about building a health coaching business with predictable monthly income. Plus, how to sell without ever feeling super salesy!

Michelle Hartzman is an authentic sales and visibility expert, she helps female online coaches show up authentically as themselves and stand out online while reaching 6-figures+ and beyond. She has a health and fitness coaching background and primarily works with online wellness coaches. She loves helping her fellow colleagues to grow and scale their own businesses.

She is the perfect person to come on the podcast and talk all about the topics we cover in this episode.

We kick the conversation off by talking about how to build a sustainable coaching business that generates predictable income month after month. Allowing you to live the lifestyle you desire, feel comfortable with money, and build a profitable business that supports your family.

Next, we jump into how to sell with ease without feeling salesy. Michelle gives actionable tips on how to master authentic sales without actually feeling like you’re selling anything. Plus, how to sell out your offering whether it’s an online course, digital product, or service-based offering.

All around this episode is packed with information! From visibility tactics to sales strategies. And even setting business foundations with money. This episode has a little bit of everything!

In episode 57: How to sell with ease and build a sustainable business, we cover…
  • How to achieve a predictable monthly income that is sustainable. 
  • How to build a business that allows you to live the lifestyle you desire. 
  • Why connecting with your audience and being yourself is important to sales. 
  • How to sell without ever feeling icky, slimy, or salesy. 
  • Easy-to-implement visibility and sales strategies that you can get started on immediately. 
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