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What It’s Like To Work With a Website Designer

July 25, 2017

I understand, your business is super important to you! So, it’s no surprise that you only want to make decisions for your business that get results. It can also be a little intimidating to take that first step and start working with someone new to help with your business growth.

I want to put any fears you have about working with a web designer to rest. It isn’t scary at all and is actually a lot of fun! I love collaborating with other business owners, like you, to create websites that your audience will love!

I’ll also walk you through my entire design process, so that, you know what to expect. I call it the digital presence package because I go way beyond just building a simple website for you. We’ll talk strategy, business goals, and marketing to ensure that your online presence is on point, everywhere.

Common Concerns

I’m worried that the process will be difficult to manage & take forever!

If you haven’t ever worked with a designer before, you might be worried because you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into. You might be wondering, what is the design process even like? Will it be easy to follow or will I need to manage the entire thing?

No worries! I have my design process down to a science and know how to efficiently and effectively work with my clients. This means, that you won’t need to worry about project managing at all. The process is a lot of fun! We’ll do all of our chatting in a project management app, called Asana, where I’ll present designs, get your feedback, and share website updates with you. We’ll collaborate throughout the entire process, inside Asana, to ensure that the project stays on track.

You might also be wondering, how long does the design process take? I get it. You don’t to wait forever for your dream website. The good news is that my turnaround time is very quick! It generally takes me about 4-6 weeks to work through the entire process.


I worked with another designer & wasn’t happy with the process or work.

Are you concerned about working with a new designer because you didn’t enjoy the process last time? Maybe you’re unhappy with your branding. Or, you got a website that was coded poorly. And now you just aren’t happy with what you have. I know it can be hard to bite the bullet and work with another designer, to fix what you already paid for. But, sometimes it’s worth it if you’re truly not getting results, from what was done before.

Or, maybe your designer was just rude and didn’t take your thoughts into account. I’m nothing like that! I always listen to my client’s current struggles and their business goals for the future. That’s why I have strategy sessions so that, I can get to know you and your biz better. Because no one knows your biz, and your goals, like you do. This establishes a foundation that I can use to build an effective website and also a design relationship with you.

I hate when I hear that someone didn’t have a positive experience, working with another person. It seriously breaks my heart, because I always go above and beyond for my clients and just assume that other designers do too.


I’m worried that you’ll disappear after the website is done. I need website support and maintenance too!

You also might be wondering, what happens after the website is complete? Do you disappear or can I still come to you with questions and updates?

That’s a great question and the answer to this will depend on the designer that you choose to work with. I include 2 weeks of support because I know that, little things can come up after site launch. For instance, you might not have noticed something, the week before your website goes live, that you really want to change now. Or, maybe you just have a couple of questions, about how to update your site and maintain it moving forward. I’m here to help with all of that!

I also offer monthly retainer options, where I continue to work on your website and other digital designs. This means that I’m available to work on your digital presence for a set number of hours each month. I also include unlimited answers to questions/support via email and a backup/update of the files on your website. If you don’t think you will need me that often, I’m also available to work on your website at my hourly rate. In other words, I’m not going anywhere and would love to continue to work together!


My Web Design Process

Creative Strategy Session

Creating a website that gets results goes way beyond just making something with a pretty design and calling it a day. Strategy plays a very important role in my design process. Having a solid strategy makes the difference between a website that sells and one that doesn’t.

On your project start date, we will meet on Skype to chat more about your business, design direction and where you want to guide users on your website.


Website UI + Sitemap

After we have both talked strategy for your website, I will get started on establishing the flow of your site. This includes setting up a wireframe which explains where I will guide traffic on your website. I will also create a sitemap to ensure that users can get around your website with ease and won’t be confused on where to go next.


Website Design

Here’s where the real magic happens! I will get started on design while you sit back and relax. You will receive one homepage and one interior page layout for your review. Once the design is perfected to your liking, I will create all of the other page designs and send them to you for approval.


Social Media Graphics

Your digital presence is more than just a website. Your entire image needs to be consistent in your marketing efforts. I will create social media graphics for all platforms that you are a part of. This could include custom graphics, such as cover photos, banners, and avatars. I’ll also create launch graphics that you can use to announce your website to the world!


Website Development

After you’ve approved all of the design comps, I will put on my favorite podcast and start coding your website. Every site that I develop is cross-browser tested and built for both desktop & mobile view. That’s tech speak for your website will look good and work on every device!

I’ll handle all of the technical stuff so that you can focus on marketing your services or products for launch day. You will get a secret link so that you can review your website before it’s released to the public. Once approved, I’ll take your website live!


Training Guide + Post Install Support

After your website is live, you might notice a couple of things that you want to change or tweak. Little things can come up, that you might not have noticed before, and I can totally help with that! For the two weeks following your launch date, I’m on call, to help with any tiny changes that might crop up. Ensuring that you are 100% satisfied with the final website!

You will get a PDF guide that shows you how to update content on your website. It will teach you how to, add blog posts, products, images, and copy to your brand new website.


I hope that this brought some clarity to, what it’s like, working with a website designer. Hopefully, this made the process a little less scary too! If you have any questions at all about a custom website, please don’t hesitate, to reach out to me.

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