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5 Ways a Custom Website Will Elevate Your Brand

August 1, 2017

It’s no secret that a custom website is a larger investment than a themed option. And for good reason. A custom website sells your offering or service more effectively, scales with your business, and leads to more overall growth. So, today, I’m sharing 5 BIG ways that a custom website elevates your biz + brand.

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With a custom website, you will….

Have a fully branded website that is bespoke

A custom website is just that – custom. It’s built just for you and your audience. You’ll no longer need to worry if something is possible to do, using your theme, or drag and drop builder. With a custom website, the sky’s the limit!

WordPress (my preferred platform) grows with your business and offers a ton of flexibility, design wise. We’ll talk all about the goals for your website and business before I even get started on the design. With WordPress, I can create a simple information based site or something more complicated, such as membership options or eCommerce. It’s all possible and it’s also easy to add these things on later.

A completely custom website is built with your brand and business in mind…and no one else’s. Having a custom site that is built, just for you is one of the best things that you can do to stand out from your competition.



Custom websites are designed to appeal to the right people and will really hone in on your target audience. They will attract your tribe and will also repel those that are not a good fit for your service or offering. That way, you aren’t wasting your time speaking to an audience that’s not the right fit.

There are some beautifully designed templated websites out there, but they are generally made to speak to a wide audience so that they work for a bunch of different businesses. If you go with a template, you might not reach the exact audience that you want to speak with.

When I design a custom website, I dive deep into my client’s brand and business so that, I can see who they are currently attracting and who they want to attract. That way, I can customize the entire site to speak to the right audience.



Starting an email list is such a great way to find your tribe and really start speaking to the right people. Another big benefit of a custom website is that your email list will see a lot of growth.

When I start working with a new client, I discuss what they are doing to market their business so that I can build a site that compliments that marketing plan. This discussion always includes how to build up their email list by creating a free offering.

Once we have a good strategy in place, I structure the entire website to drive traffic to an email list funnel. With a great strategy in place, you can start focusing on writing content for your audience and stop questioning how to actually get people to join your list.




Most importantly, a custom website will bring in more inquiries and sales. Establishing a few goals for your brand and business allows me to drive traffic to the right places on your website. That way, I can build a site that is primed for growth and that helps you to reach your goals.

Usually, one of my client’s goals is to get more inquiries about their services, or sales for their digital offering. This can be accomplished by thoroughly explaining what you’re offering is, why it’s important and by driving traffic to the right places using a call to action.

The call to action will always be a little different depending on your offering. For example, if you’re a service-based business it might lead people to your contact form so that they can inquire about what you do. If you’re selling a digital offering or product then you could have a call to action to purchase right on your website.


Have a web designer that can help you anytime

Establishing a relationship with a designer is so important for your business! Simply because I can handle things that you don’t want to do. Just because you’re the sole business owner, doesn’t mean you have to do everything alone. Once you’ve worked with me to design your custom website, I’m not going anywhere.

Our project may have ended but I’m still available to help you out. If you want to add something to your website later – like a new page or eCommerce – I’m here to make that happen. I only offer retainer packages to my website design clients, so that I can continue to help out on a monthly basis. This can include anything from updates to your website, designs for PDF email options, print design, social media graphics, etc. My hope is that my continued support will give you more time to spend with your clients/customers or just binge watching your favorite shows on Netflix.


I hope this provides a little clarity about how a custom website design will help your brand + biz. After all, you want a website that you can continue to grow into. One that can evolve with your business and that doesn’t need to be re-done every single time that you pursue a new idea.

If you’re interested in learning more about how a custom website can elevate your brand then check out the digital presence package. Spots are filling up quickly for the Fall!