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Creating Copy that Converts on your Health and Wellness Website

January 21, 2021

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes! About the Episode: Creating Copy that Converts on your Health and Wellness Website. Episode 46, of the Go-To Wellness Pro Podcast, is a solo episode! It’s been a little while since I jumped on and talked about all things websites and tech. I’d like to start doing it more so let me know what you think of this solo format! On this episode of the podcast, I’m covering creating copy that converts on your health and wellness website. If you’ve been following along with me for a little while you know that I’m a big advocate for quality messaging on your website.  And by quality copy, I don’t mean that your grammar and spelling are... View Article

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My Story: Why I Became a Web Designer for Health & Wellness Experts

October 23, 2019

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes! About the Episode In the last episode of the Go-To Wellness Pro podcast, I talked all about your website’s homepage. More specifically, how to attract your ideal health and wellness clients with your site. Make sure you check that episode out if you haven’t already! Today’s episode of the Go-To Wellness Pro Podcast is a little more on the personal side. I’m sharing my story, and why I became a web designer for health & wellness experts. So grab a coffee, your favorite green smoothie, or whatever you like to drink and let’s get to know each other a little better! In episode 19: my story, why I became a web designer for health &... View Article

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How my Creative Strategy Session Works for my Health + Wellness Website Clients

February 6, 2019

Whether you’re DIYing your website or working with a designer, a strategy should play a foundational role in your website design process. Without a strategy, you’re simply throwing spaghetti at a wall and hoping that something will stick. Your prospects aren’t likely to take action and will leave your site quickly unless you have a plan in place. This is why each one of my client design projects begins with a Creative Strategy Session to kick off the project and start things on the right foot. Today I’m going to share with you exactly how that strategy session goes down. You’ll learn what happens on that Zoom call with me so that you know exactly what to expect when we work... View Article

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Should You Use a Pre-Made Theme or Work With a Designer on Your Wellness Website?

December 19, 2018

Should you use a pre-made theme or work with a designer on your wellness website? I seriously get this question all the time. And, I completely understand why! There are so many gorgeous pre-made themes out there and talented website designers too. Many of my clients are a little unsure if they need a custom website or if they should save some money and DIY it with a pre-made WordPress theme. It can also be a little confusing when every designer has a different process to make sure that you find the right fit for a custom build. I think it’s important to see what’s out there and choose a designer that specializes in your niche. Although I can’t make... View Article

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6 Ways to Skyrocket Sales on Your Product Based Business Website

August 1, 2018

As a website designer, I work with so many different product based and service based business owners to create websites that increase their sales. While my focus is on health and wellness I also love working with sustainable product based brands that want to make a difference in this world. And, although each website I build is unique, there are a few special things to consider for product based businesses. My hope is that these tips will help you to create an easy to use website that converts visitors to money in your pocket. So, here are 6 ways to skyrocket sales on your product based business website!   A Homepage that Sells Think of your homepage as your digital storefront.... View Article

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