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How to Build a Health + Fitness Brand that Matters

March 27, 2019

Creating a health and fitness brand that matters means so much more than simply establishing your pretty logo and websites color scheme. From the kind of message you want to send to the world, to how you want to spend your day, all these things are establishing your brand and business. Unfortunately, I know a lot of entrepreneurs who’ve created businesses that just don’t feel right. They end up offering a product or service that doesn’t align with their big vision. This means they resent their clients, hate what they’re doing, and build a brand that doesn’t make a big impact. Remember, you’re in control of your business and what you offer. Building a wellness brand that matters comes down... View Article

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5 Questions You Should Answer Before Designing Your Health Website

January 2, 2019

As a health + wellness pro I know you have a ton on your plate. And, If you’re going at this whole running a business thing alone its difficult to know if you’re doing things in the right order. This may surprise you but when it comes to design, a website shouldn’t be the top priority. Your brand and business strategy should come first. Now, you can work on your brand and website design at the same time but, generally, branding will come first and then website design. I’m here for you if you need help with branding, strategy, and/or website design. Whether you’re considering working with a designer on your website or going the DIY route, you’ll want to... View Article

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How to Craft a Striking Brand as a Wellness Entrepreneur

May 16, 2018

Creating a brand identity that stands out from the competition is hard work. But, I’ve got you! Today, I’m going to cover 5 of my favorite tips and tricks to help you, wellness entrepreneur, to craft a striking brand identity. These tips and tricks all boil down to establishing quality visuals and executing your brand values. I’ll show you exactly how to improve your brand identity no matter what part of the wellness world you come from. Whether you’re a coach, nutrition expert, fitness enthusiast, or product based holistic business, I’ve got something for you. And, make sure to read to the end because I have a got a freebie to keep your branding consistent. Let’s get started!   Develop... View Article

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How to Find your Design Style

February 21, 2018

Establishing a design style will help you to gain clarity on what you want your brand visuals to look like. Your designer will bring your vision to life but it’s always helpful to have a few adjectives in mind that describe your design style. This will make a great jumping off point for your next design project!   Do Some Research + Gather Inspiration My favorite place to start gathering inspiration is Pinterest. It’s so simple to search for specific things or browse around their predefined categories. Start by creating a secret board for your brand and pin things that represent your business. You can also look for inspiration on Instagram, blogs, books, magazines, or simply just by going outside... View Article

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How to Create a Moodboard for Your Brand

January 24, 2018

I’m guessing that at some point in your life you’ve come across or created a vision board, inspiration board, or dream board. Maybe not for your business but probably for your personal life. A moodboard is essentially the same thing but for your brand identity. According to a moodboard is a board used by designers on which samples of various colors and textures are mounted to help in deciding which elements complement each other. Your moodboard should include things like photos, colors, textures, patterns, typography, and other design elements that inspire you. That way you can really hone in on your design aesthetic to ensure that your brand is moving in a direction that will resonate with your target... View Article

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