How to Use WordPress to Get More People on Your List

October 25, 2017

One of the most important things that you can do, for your business, is to start getting people on your email list. Why? Because, unlike social media, you are in full control of your list. Social media changes at the drop of a hat. Take Facebook for example. 4-5 years ago, businesses were getting great results from their business pages. They were able to take advantage of free marketing and get tons of new clients. But now, you pretty much have to pay to play on Facebook. And, Instagram is in the midst of changing, right now, with their new algorithm. But, email marketing has stayed pretty much the same since it came into being. In fact, it’s gotten better... View Article

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How to Create a Self-Care Routine that you Love

October 18, 2017

When I quit my day job and started working on Jules Design, full time, one of my goals was to keep a good work/life balance. I love my business and dive wholeheartedly into it every single work day, but, I also want a rich life outside of work. One where I get to spend time with loved ones, enjoy my hobbies and get to travel. I also believe that we need to take care of ourselves as business owners. Practicing self-care, every single day, can really help to switch your brain out of work mode and into personal time. Relaxing with a little bit of Netflix at the end of the day is a great way to unwind. But, if... View Article

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Why You Should Invest in your Brand Identity

October 11, 2017

A brand identity is a visual representation of your business’s values. It needs to be consistent with your brand messaging and process to be truly effective. Not only that, but it should resonate with your target audience so that it helps to get clients and customers in the door. I think that a brand identity is one of the first things that you should invest in as a business owner. Why? Because many other biz decisions that you will make are based on the foundations laid out in your brand identity. Everything works cohesively together to represent your brand and business as a whole. Let’s put it this way if you don’t have a quality brand identity in place it... View Article

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How to Create a Streamlined Brand Identity

October 4, 2017

So many people think of branding as just a logo design. But, a brand identity really encompasses so much more than a simple logo. Keeping your brand consistent on all platforms and mediums makes your brand more memorable. A streamlined experience ensures that your audience will get to know and trust you. Here’s an example – You’re getting married and a friend of yours mentions that they know of a great florist that you should reach out too. You’re really excited about the recommendation and all of the praise that your friend has about the company. But, then you go to their website and see that it looks like it’s from the 90s. Their portfolio pictures are really small and... View Article

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