You want a website that brings you more clients and makes you more money.

The work you do is life-changing. You're making a huge impact by helping your clients with their health and wellbeing.

But when it comes to your website and all things tech – you're frustrated.

Does any of this sound familiar?!

…Your website is unclear and unprofessional.
...You've plateaued when it comes to business growth.
...You're overworked and underpaid.
...And, you're so tired of being the cheap option.

What you want is dreamy clients, more sales, and a booked out schedule. That starts with a website that's designed to sell.
I make website design easy peasy

I know you're tired of trying #allthethings when it comes to your website. Adding new colors, fonts, stock images, new theme selections...with little to no new clients to show for all your efforts.

Designing a website yourself seemed quick & easy back when you were just starting your business, but now it's become a hassle and you're sick of the guessing game!

I make websites less confusing so you can convert the clients you want to buyers. Leading to a booked out schedule filled with dreamy clients you can't wait to work with.

In my Wellness Website Method, we'll work together to align your business goals with what you're putting out into the world.

Your website needs to take visitors on a journey from a simple introduction to a buyer. I'll help you show prospects that you are the best possible person to solve their problem with your offering.

In just 8-weeks, you'll have a website that converts curiosity to clients, a design partner that you can count on, and the tools to become a go-to wellness pro.

The Wellness Website Method


Creative Strategy

First, we will get crystal clear on who your ideal client is so that we can craft copy that converts them to buyers. I'll get an understanding of your big-picture goals so that your website is set-up to reach and support them. This means that visitors will stick around longer and take the actions you want them to take.


Go-To Wellness Pro

Next-up, we'll talk all about visibility strategies to drive traffic to your website and convert people to buyers. Building awareness for your brand is key to growing your business and becoming known for what you do. Whether you have a marketing strategy already or need some help, this phase has you covered!


Design + Development

Next, I'll combine strategy and messaging to create a beautiful website design that works to attract your ideal client. Your site will effortlessly bring in new prospects while also seamlessly representing your brand and business. I'll show you how simple it is to maintain and edit your website so that you feel totally in control.

What's Included?

The Wellness Website Method is tailor-made to suit your businesses unique design needs. This means that every website design is a little different but all projects include:

  • 1 Hour Creative Strategy Session

    On this 1-on-1 Zoom call, we will dive into who your ideal client is and how to attract them. I'll know and understand your business goals so we can strategize ways to meet them with your new website. 

  • Copy that Converts Workbook

    Writing persuasive copy is key to turn curious site visitors into paying clients. My workbook makes it easy for you to craft copy that converts. 

  • Go-To Wellness Pro

    Become the go-to expert for your niche! Your website will be set-up to support your visibility and marketing plan so that you can stand out from the crowd. Need a plan? The Go-To Wellness Pro Workbook will help you create compelling content, skyrocket your email list growth, and improve your SEO.

  • Custom Website Design + Development

    Custom design and development to uplevel your website and book out your schedule for months in advance. 

  • Training & Support

    In this Zoom training session, I'll teach you everything you need to know about maintaining your website. Plus, 1-week of complimentary website support after launch. 

During booking, you have the option to add brand identity design, opt-in freebie design, print design and more. I'll handle all of your graphic design needs!

Ongoing support packages are also available, after launch, if you need some help maintaining your website.

Ready to Get Started?

Oh, And a Little More About Me

Hey there, I’m Julie...

The designer + developer at Jules Design. I’ve always had an interest in holistic living and owned a green beauty blog called The Natural Junkie. I wrote about natural products, eco-friendly living, nutrition, and all things self-care.

I’ve connected my love of intentional living with my years of experience as a website designer to bring you the Wellness Website Method. I’m so honored to help ambitious wellness entrepreneurs and holistic business owners build websites that they’re confident in. That way you can get noticed online, charge what you’re worth, and finally have that fulfilling business that you’ve been craving.

Jules Design, Julie Ralston Testimonial

Julie has such a helpful and generous spirit. Plus she gives me such great results! Thanks to her, my website IS my calling card - it's what leaves the biggest impression and gives a clear picture as to what my business offers.



You know what you're selling but need a website that will spark know, like and trust with your ideal client.


You're still refining what your services, products or offering will be and who you'll be marketing that too.


Julie's beautiful website design was just what I needed to launch my business! She is not only a great designer and developer, but she has an amazing collaborative and thoughtful approach to website design. She helped me streamline my site to make it easy for visitors to navigate and quickly understand what I do.

Michele, Health Coach

Now Booking for February & March 2022

Investment starts at $3,250.

See what's possible...

  • Your message is on point! You have more client inquiries because those dreamy ideal clients resonate with what you offer. 

  • You have more freedom to grow your business, work with your clients, and spend time with loved ones instead of worrying about your website

  • You're effortlessly booking out in advance because you've niched down and set yourself apart from your competition.

  • Your website and marketing plan are intertwined to convert curiosity to clients. You know what action steps to take to become a go-to wellness pro.

  • You're finally able to raise your rates! Your high-end messaging and design is showcasing the tremendous value your services offer and your potential clients are noticing. 



Ready to have a website that gets you the best clients and earns more money?

I'd love to help your business transform using my signature design method.