You want a program that helps more people and scales your business.

The work you do is life-changing. Your program, course, or membership will make a huge impact on your client's health and wellbeing.

But when it comes to all things design and tech – you're frustrated.


You're not sure how to present all this information. What will it look like? How will it work? You want to make sure people can actually understand everything your core program has to offer.

You're overwhelmed with all the stuff you have to create for your course. If only you could get some help and take some of this hard work off of your plate, so you can focus on what's important.

Or, maybe you've even launched before and it didn't go as well as you'd hoped. Was it your sales page? Your offering? Your marketing? You're left wondering what went wrong.

You've got the idea and you're ready to start. But you don't know how to design it.

And, honestly, your visuals matter.

Meet your design & tech partner!

I know you're feeling a little overwhelmed with all the things on your to-do list. I get it. Launching a 1-many program, course, or membership site is hard work.

So, don't do it alone! I take the hassle out of creating a signature program.

I make all the tech things less confusing and handle all the design stuff so you look professional.

That way you can focus on what's important. Actually, creating the life-changing content for your course, program, or membership site.

1-many programs that sell all have a few things in common. They look professional, are easy to understand, and are so "worth it" because they get results.

In just 8-weeks, you'll successfully launch your program, have a sales page that converts curiosity to clients, and a design partner that you can count on,

What's Included?

Design My Signature Program is tailor-made to suit your businesses unique design needs. This means that every course, membership site, or group program is a little different but most projects include:

  • 1 Hour Creative Strategy Session

    On this 1-on-1 Zoom call, we will dive into who your ideal client is and how to attract them. I'll know and understand your goals for the program so we can strategize ways to meet them. 

  • Brand Your Program

    Every program needs a brand identity. This is what allows you to be consistent everywhere so you can create brand recognition with your ideal client. You may choose to move forward with a simple logo design or want something a little more elaborate. I have options for everyone!

  • Social Media Graphics

    Now that you have a brand identity you'll want to show it off on social media. I'll create custom Canva templates that you can edit and post on social media to promote your course, program, or membership site. 

  • Workbook Design

    When creating video modules for your course or core program, it's a good idea to include workbooks so that students can apply what they learned. I'll design these to look beautiful and make them super easy to fill out. Creating a seamless experience for everyone involved!

  • Keynote or PPT Designs

    Consistency is key when it comes to design. I'll create all the deck designs for your group program, course or membership site. My clients typically use these for launch webinars and module videos.

  • Sales Page Design

    Your sales page needs to convert interest to buyers. We'll follow my system for creating a sales page that sells your 1-many signature program. By the end of the sales page, your ideal client will be wondering where their credit card is so they can BUY NOW! 

  • Program Set-up & Tech Support

    Don't do this whole build a 1-many program thing alone. I'll handle all the stuff you don't want to do. This includes setting up your program on the platform of your choice, all things tech, and support throughout the process. 

Ready to Get Started? Let's Launch Your 1-Many Program, Course or Membership Site!

Let's work together to create your dream signature program and get your clients lasting results.

Oh, And a Little More About Me

Hey there, I’m Julie...

The designer + developer + head boss babe at Jules Design. I’ve always had an interest in holistic living and owned a green beauty blog called The Natural Junkie. I wrote about natural products, eco-friendly living, nutrition, and all things self-care.

I’ve connected my love of intentional living with my years of experience as a website designer to help you design your signature program. I’m so honored to partner with ambitious wellness entrepreneurs and holistic business owners to build programs, courses, and membership sites that get results. That way you can finally launch your signature 1-many offering and become a go-to wellness pro in your industry.

Jules Design, Julie Ralston Testimonial

Julie has such a helpful and generous spirit. Plus she gives me such great results! Thanks to her, my website IS my calling card - it's what leaves the biggest impression and gives a clear picture as to what my business offers.



You want to bring your big idea of a course, program, or membership site to life...but need some design and tech help. That's where I come in!


You're still refining what your offering will be and who you'll be marketing too. Grab the Signature Program Roadmap for some help.


Julie's beautiful website design was just what I needed to launch my business! She is not only a great designer and developer, but she has an amazing collaborative and thoughtful approach to website design. She helped me streamline my site to make it easy for visitors to navigate and quickly understand what I do.

Michele, Health Coach

See what's possible...

  • Your message is on point! You have more program sales because your dreamy ideal clients resonate with your program, course, or membership site. 

  • You have more freedom to grow your business, work on your program's content, and spend time with loved ones instead of worrying about designing and building your signature program. 

  • You're effortlessly booking for your 1-many offering because you have a sales page that sells your program, course, or membership to the right people. 

  • Your program is set-up for success. Each part of your course or core program is outlined in a way that makes total sense. It's all easy to follow so your clients can get those life-changing results

  • You're able to charge more! Your high-end messaging and design is showcasing the tremendous value your program offer's and your potential clients are noticing. 



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