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3 Ways to Incorporate the Power of Simplicity into your Website

July 12, 2017

When creating custom websites for my clients, I always incorporate simplicity into my design process. If your website has too much content and a bunch of busy graphics it is bound to confuse the person viewing it. They either won’t know what to do first or will be so turned off by the site that they leave entirely. Not good. The good news is that streamlining your website is pretty easy to do and has a very powerful effect on the people viewing your site! Incorporating simplicity makes it so much easier for users to navigate your site and know exactly what they should do next.   Simplify Typography Using too many fonts on one website will surely confuse your... View Article

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Mistakes I made the first time I started my business

July 6, 2017

If you have been reading my blog for a little while now, you might have read one of my first posts about quitting my day job. In this article, I mentioned that this wasn’t the first time that I left a job and went out on my own. I actually started Jules Design in 2011 and went back to a full-time job, as a designer/developer, in 2014. If I could go back in time, I would definitely change a few things about the first time I ran my business. I did a few things right too, but more importantly, I did a few very BIG things wrong. After accepting my full-time job, I reflected on my time as a freelancer... View Article

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How to be Super Productive When you Work from Home

June 27, 2017

Being productive when you work from home can be such a challenge. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be! Setting clear boundaries between your work and personal life will allow you to get more done during your office hours. If you take the time to set an intentional schedule then you will be more productive when working from home. You will also finally have that flexible schedule that you always dreamed of when you were still working that 9-5. Set Your Office Hours Take some time to think about what your ideal working day looks like. This could mean that you work a full 8-hour, or more, day or you might prefer to work part-time. Either way, think about... View Article

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7 Surefire Ways to Make Your Website More Effective

June 20, 2017

Believe me, I know that building a website is a lot of hard work.  Once you start designing, it can be tricky to choose what to focus on doing first. Or, maybe, you already have a website but are looking for ways to make it more effective so that it reaches the right people. Today, I’m sharing 7 of my best website design tips with you! I hope that you find these helpful and that you implement them on your own website. Since this post contains so much information, I compiled all of the action steps into a checklist that you can reference at any time! You can download that at the bottom of this article and refer back to over... View Article

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How to Spend Less Time on Client Onboarding

June 14, 2017

Client onboarding was one of those things that I found myself spending way too much time on. I was writing emails from scratch, creating invoices in illustrator and going back and forth via email trying to find a time to schedule our initial meeting. If you can relate to this, then its time to develop a process for client onboarding that saves you time and gets your clients excited about working with you. Creating canned email responses, developing a project process and building templates will all require that you spend some time working on them up-front. But, they will also save you so much time in the long run. Implementing automated systems will speed up your client onboarding process and... View Article

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