How to Authentically Grow Your Health and Fitness Business

January 16, 2019

Are you guilty of being inauthentic with your marketing? If so, it may be hurting your health + wellness businesses growth. Being inauthentic simply means that you’re not being 100% real with your audience. You’re likely trying to be perfect and are frequently comparing yourself to others. Which, unfortunately, means that the one thing that sets you apart, isn’t shining through. And that one special thing is you. That sounded pretty cheesy, but it’s really true. You are your brand. So, you need to show up as yourself. Today I’m going to share how to authentically grow your health + fitness business. These marketing tips will help you genuinely connect with your ideal client. So, let’s get to it! Niche... View Article

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5 Questions You Should Answer Before Designing Your Health Website

January 2, 2019

As a health + wellness pro I know you have a ton on your plate. And, If you’re going at this whole running a business thing alone its difficult to know if you’re doing things in the right order. This may surprise you but when it comes to design, a website shouldn’t be the top priority. Your brand and business strategy should come first. Now, you can work on your brand and website design at the same time but, generally, branding will come first and then website design. I’m here for you if you need help with branding, strategy, and/or website design. Whether you’re considering working with a designer on your website or going the DIY route, you’ll want to... View Article

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